About me

I’m Daisy, a physics PhD candidate at the University of Surrey, working in the Photonics and Quantum Sciences group at the Advanced Technology Institute.

During my undergraduate degree, I cultivated a passion for experimental quantum physics. Now I do spintronics research which involves finding ways to carefully control and manipulate the spin state of electrons in semiconductor materials.

I’m enthusiastic about making science accessible and encouraging young people to engage with STEM subjects. In December 2018 I started an instagram page @notesfromthephysicslab where I am documenting my PhD journey and microblogging about physics. Since my page has garnered an audience of over 18K followers, so I decided to start this blog to explore physics and my PhD experience in a slightly longer format with citations and links to resources! I also recently started a youtube channel to make videos about physics, autism, books and PhD life.

On this blog, you can expect to find ramblings on the physics concepts behind my research, musings on PhD life, my thoughts on science books, planning and organisation tips, explorations of creative ways to communicate and explore science, my experience of navigating academia as an autistic person, and my thoughts on the latest developments in quantum technology.

I recently launched a visibility project for neurodivergent people in STEM fields. Find out more about it here.

Please feel free to contact me for collaboration or communication enquiries.

Visit my personal website to learn more about my academic research, science writing, outreach, teaching, features in the media, and more!

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