A photo of Daisy Shearer, an experimental quantum physicist, in the physics laboratory.

Hello! I’m Daisy. I’m an experimental physics PhD candidate at the University of Surrey. My area of research is quantum technology, specifically a sub-field called “semiconductor spintronics”. This means I’m investigating ways to control the spin state of electrons in semiconductor materials and making devices that utilise electron spin. I also get to use a lot of amazing equipment like a superconducting split-coil magnet and a plasma focused ion beam!

Outside of research I am passionate about science communication and making science accessible as well as raising awareness about mental health, disability and neurodiversity in STEM.

I started Notes From The Physics Lab to help others find their place in physics and quantum technology more broadly. By sharing snapshots of my journey as a physicist, sharing advice and opportunities, discussing equality, diversity, and inclusion topics, and exploring physics concepts in accessible ways, I hope to demystify the world of quantum tech and help make the field more inclusive.

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